Geriatric care structures in Baden-Württemberg

>Ministry of Labour and Social Order, Family, Women and Senior Citizens Baden-Württemberg

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In Baden-Württemberg, the Ministry of Social Affairs was endeavouring to implement the principle of "rehabilitation before care" in the care of older people, especially those with geriatric illnesses. A central prerequisite for this was that geriatric patients and their rehabilitation potential were recognised and that the patients could be offered appropriate rehabilitative treatment.

Geriatric rehabilitation in Baden-Württemberg took place both in the acute inpatient sector - in geriatric focal points, centres and geriatric treatment units - and as geriatric, early-rehabilitative complex treatment as well as through geriatric rehabilitation clinics.

The aim of the research project was to analyse the differences in the clientele and in the further course of rehabilitation between the two forms of care, hospital treatment and geriatric rehabilitation clinic. Furthermore, there was a general need for information regarding the management of geriatric patients after or during a hospital stay as well as regarding the question whether rehabilitation needs were recognized and implemented.

In addition, it was also of interest whether and in which areas there may be overuse, underuse or misuse. These questions will be analysed on the basis of data from the AOK Baden-Württemberg.

Based on the project results, the AOK Baden-Württemberg published recommendations for action.

Poster (see abstract volume P007, P008, P013, S201-2) at the Geriatrics and Gerontology Congress 2018 in Cologne.

"Predictors for the use of geriatric rehabilitative services in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in Baden-Württemberg: results of logistic regression analyses."

"Are there regional differences in the proportions of needs-based geriatric care? Results from Baden-Württemberg."

Duration: 2013–2018
Methods: Statistical Analyses, Evaluation, Regional Analyses
Topics: Population health, Supply curves
Data: Claims data


Zirves M, Schubert I, Pfaff H, Karbach U.
Analyse geriatrischer Versorgungsstrukturen in Baden-Württemberg – Eine qualitative Studie. Abstract zum 17. Deutschen Kongress für Versorgungsforschung, Berlin. 2018;

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