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The PMV research group is an interdisciplinary, scientifically working team at the medical faculty of the University of Cologne.

We support health insurance companies, institutes, ministries and companies in health science and (pharmaco-)epidemiological questions in the field of health care research.

We identify which diseases the population suffers from and how care functions today, how frequently certain chronic and acute diseases occur and are treated, and how far existing therapy recommendations are implemented.


Topics of our clients

Research Institute

Secondary data 
supplement primary data

Pharmaceutical companies

The current supply situation
a quick overview

Health insurance companies

Evaluation of interventions
using secondary data

Clinical experts

Drug supply
Is the therapy in accordance with the guidelines?

Research Institute

Prevalence estimate
Additional benefit through health insurance data


Drug selection by doctors
What is the first-line therapy?

Management Company

Innovative forms of care
Cost-benefit analyses

International research

Europe How is the modern supply in the neighbouring countries?