AdAM – Application of digitally supported pharmaceutical therapy

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The PMV research group was involved in the AdAM-Project – Application of digitally supported pharmaceutical therapy – by BARMER, which is funded by the Innovation Fund new forms of care by the Federal Joint Committee.

There are effective drugs for many diseases. However, especially in older people who suffer from several diseases, the number of different drugs can become confusing and lead to dangerous side effects and interactions. The Project AdAM aims to support doctors in their drug therapy management with the aim of optimizing treatment quality and patient safety.

Support is provided by special software that provides doctors with patient-related health insurance claims data relevant for treatment, potential risks and specialist medical and pharmaceutical information, so that doctors can identify risks quickly and comprehensively. Using all the information provided and new entries made by the doctors, patients receive a medication plan including instructions that can be understood by laypersons after completion of the structured drug therapy safety assessment. This project is being evaluated to determine whether this new form of care is effective and cost-effective in reducing hospital admissions or mortality.

The task of the PMV research group was the development of a study protocol and privacy agreement as well as the definition of the minimum dataset and carrying out task in connection with data preparation, plausibility checks and the development of the research database and the creation of quantity structures. 

Duration: 2017–2020
Project partners: Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Westfalen-Lippe | University Frankfurt | University Bielefeld | University Bochum | University Hospital Cologne
Funding reference number: 01NVF16006
Methods: Evaluation
Topics: Pharmacotherapy
Data: Data infrastructure, Data preparation, Pseudonymisation, Data linkage, Claims data


Kellermann-Mühlhoff P, Laag S, Beckmann T, Meyer F, Müller T, Muth C, Schubert I, Karbach U, Greiner W, Trampisch HJ, Grandt D, Rafii M.
Anwendung für ein digital gestütztes Arzneimitteltherapie-Management. Abstract zum 16. Deutschen Kongress für Versorgungsforschung, Berlin. 2017;

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