ADAPT-HEAT (Adaption of drug therapy during hot seasons)

>Federal Joint Committee | Innovation Fund

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ADAPT-HEAT aims to establish evidence-based, consensus-based and cross-sectorally valid recommendations for heat-related medication adaptation. Those recommendations should contribute to avoid heat-related health effects. The “CALOR”-list (calor lat.: heat) will be created during the project. This list will contain all potentially inadequate medication for heat (heat-PIMs) identified within the project and recommendations for the right handling of them during heat. ADAPT-HEAT is funded by the Innovation Fund of the Federal Joint Committee in Germany.

The task of the PMV research group in the project is to analyze claims data from the German research data center for health (Forschungsdatenzentrum, FDZ) and the Cologne database CoRe-Dat. We will analyze the frequency of the prescription of heat-PIMS which will be first identified within a literature research. Furthermore, we are going to characterize the people who got the prescription of heat-PIMs.

The data from CoRe-Dat will be linked with weather and climate data from the German Meteorological service (Deutscher Wetterdienst, DWD). With the linkage we want to identify and quantify heat related health effects of heat-PIMs. The results will help to develop target group specific recommendations for physicians, pharmacists, medical-technical assistants (MTA), pharmaceutical-technical assistants (PTA) and patients.

Duration: 2024–2026
Project partners: University Hospital Cologne | Hannover Medical School | Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Westfalen-Lippe | Prof. Dr. Andreas Matzarakis
Funding reference number: VSF1_2022-106
Methods: Regional Analyses
Topics: Planetary Health, Pharmacotherapy
Data: Data linkage, Claims data