ADVOCATE – Added Value for Oral Care

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Data linkageRegional Analyses

Within the framework of the EU-Project ADVOCATE »Added Value for Oral Care« an international research association develops new prevention- and patient-oriented concepts of dental care. The evaluation of claims data from six European countries is a core element of the project. These data will be used to assess the current effectiveness of dental care in Europe and to develop indicators that will allow an evaluation of the preventive dental care provided by dentists and entire health care systems. The indicators will be developed within the framework of a Delphi process.

The aim of the project is to use administrative insurance data at the individual level (dental practice) as well as the provision of concrete information on oral health and underlying care structures to make statements on the quality of dental care and to derive recommendations for action for health policy makers. In addition, the advantages of recording oral health outcome variables for targeted resource planning in the health care system will be shown.

The data analysis work package is managed internationally by Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Listl, Translational Health Economics, University Heidelberg. The analyses of claims data of Germany is done in cooperation with the PMV research group, University of Cologne. 

Duration: 2015–2019
Project partners: Prof. Dr. Dr. S. Listl, SektionTranslational Health Economics, University Heidelberg
Funding reference number: 635183
Methods: Regional Analyses, Statistical Analyses
Topics: Disease incidence, Population health
Data: Data linkage, Claims data