CoRe-Web – Implementation and Evaluation of an Online Platform for Research Data

>Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany (Zi)

EvaluationRegional Analyses

Health Services Research examines health care situations and develops new concepts for the improvement of care. However, the inadequate transfer of research results into practice is documented by various studies. The dissemination of results using online platforms is faster and more efficient at actually reaching health care professionals compared to the publication of the results in scientific journals. Especially when health care agents are actively involved in the development of such online platforms, lasting advancements of health care in light of new research results can take place.

The goal of the CoRe-Web project was to conceptionalize, implement and evaluate an online platform that presents research results from the Cologne Research and Development Network (CoRe-Net) for health care professionals and decision makers. The platform will be implemented using exemplary results of the two research projects »Last Year of Life in Cologne« (LYOL-C) and »Desire to Die in Palliative Care« (DEDIPOM), which were conducted by the Center for Palliative Medicine of the University Hospital Cologne. The analysis of the health insurance data within the LYOL-C project was carried out by the PMV research group.

The PMV research group was responsible for the data preparation from the projects LYOL-C and DEDIPOM in the CoRe-Web project. Furthermore, the technical development of the online platform was monitored and the evaluation of the platform and a re-design based on the evaluation results are carried out.

Duration: 2020–2021
Project partners: Center for Palliative Medicine (University Hospital Cologne)
Methods: Evaluation, Regional Analyses
Topics: Population health, Supply curves
Data: Claims data, Data preparation