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The PMV research groupe was involved in the GestDiNa_basic-Project – Aftercare for gestational diabetes, which was funded by the Innovation Fund new forms of care by the Federal Joint Committee.

Depending on the data basis and definition of diabetes, it is assumed that 4 percent to over 20 percent of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes GDM. The blood sugar level often regulates itself again after birth. However, women with GDM have a significantly higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the following years than women who are not affected.

The guidelines of the diabetological professional society define the aftercare for women according to GDM. However, most mothers are probably not adequately cared for according to the guidelines. One reason may be that it is not clear who is responsible for the services and how the process can be coordinated at the interfaces between obstetric, diabetological, gynaecological, paediatric and family doctor care. This results in a lack of care, but also over and under care. In addition, little is known about why aftercare services are used and why not.

The project GestDiNa_basic aims to develop an appropriate and patient-centred care model. For this purpose, the current aftercare of women with GDM is being investigated. In addition, knowledge, problem awareness, concepts, attitudes, routines and experiences of participating doctors and affected patients will be analysed.

The project is based on claims data of health insurances as well a register of specialist diabetology practitioners. In addition, all involved caregiver groups and affected persons are interviewed. The insights gained are integrated into a care model in which the weighted barriers and resources for the individual groups are related to each other and to the analysis of current care. From this a care model for the aftercare of patients with GDM will be derived, which will be evaluated in subsequent projects.

The study protocol ist availalbe here.

Duration: 2019–2023
Project partners: Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (Institut für Versorgungsforschung und Gesundheitsökonomie (IVG)) | University of Cologne (PMV research group) | winDiab GmbH | University of applied Sience Bochum | Deutsches Diabetes-Zentrum (DDZ) | Deutsche Diabetes-Hilfe | Institut für Allgemeinmedizin (ifam) | Universitätsfrauenklinik | Universitätskinderklinik | KV Nordrhein | AOK Rheinland/Hamburg | DAK Gesundheit | IKK classic | BARMER | pronova BKK
Methods: Statistical Analyses
Topics: Supply curves, Disease incidence, Population health, Prevention
Data: Claims data


Greiner GG, Viehmann A, Linnenkamp U, et al.
Study protocol for a mixed methods exploratory investigation of aftercare services for gestational diabetes in women to develop a new patient-centred model in Germany: the GestDiNa_basic study. BMJ Open 2021; 11: e046048

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