INTEGRAL – 10-Year evaluation of the integrated care Gesundes Kinzigtal

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The PMV research group is involved in the INTEGRAL-Project – 10-Year evaluation of the integrated care Gesundes Kinzigtal in the implemention and consolidation phase, which is funded by the Innovation Fund new forms of care by the Federal Joint Committee.

The aim is to evaluate the quality of the integrated care Gesundes Kinzigtal IVGK - as example for population-based integrated care - compared with the standard care in Kinzigtal within a time period of 10 years. In order to do so, indicators to measuring quality will first be developed (Prof. Geraedts, Marburg) and comparative regions will be defined (Dr. Siegel, Institute for Occupational Medicine, Social Medicine and Health Services Research, University Tübingen). The evaluation is then based on these indicators (operationalisation, description: PMV research group, University of Cologne; statistical analyses: Institute for Medical Biometry and Statistics, University Freiburg).

In previous studies it has been possible to achieve a more cost-effective supply through IVGK in Kinzigtal compared to the standard care. However, the quality of care is so far evaluated exemplary for the development phase of IVGK. The quality of care is higher compared to other regions in Baden-Württemberg. In the long term, it is unclear how it will develop under everyday conditions. For this reason, the quality of IVGK care is now to be comprehensively evaluated over a period of 10 years in comparison with standard care.


INTEGRAL – Ergebnisbericht

INTEGRAL – Operationalisiertes Indikatorenset

The following files are available for download. Please send an email to and briefly state in which context (institution, project, qualification work, etc.) you would like to use or view the data.

Dr. Erika Graf, Dominikus Stelzer, Prof. Dr. Erik Farin-Glattacker (IMBI, Universität Freiburg) in Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Dr. Werner Vach (Basel/Freiburg):

Duration: 2017–2019
Project partners: University of Cologne, PMV research group | University Freiburg | University Marburg | Wissenschaftliches Institut der AOK, WidO | University Tübingen
Funding reference number: 01VSF16002
Methods: Evaluation, Statistical Analyses, Regional Analyses
Topics: Costs and Benefits, Population health
Data: Claims data


Schubert I, Stelzer D, Siegel A, Köster I, Mehl C, Ihle P, Günster C, Dröge P, Klöss A, Farin-Glattacker E, Graf E, Geraedts M.
10-Jahres-Evaluation der populationsbezogenen integrierten Versorgung „Gesundes Kinzigtal“. Deutsches Ärzteblatt 2021; 118: 465-472

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Geraedts M, Mehl C, Schmitz J, Siegel A, Graf E, Stelzer D, (...) Schubert I.
Development of an indicator set for the evaluation of the population-based integrated healthcare model Gesundes Kinzigtal (Healthy Kinzigtal). Zeitschrift für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen 2020; 150: P54-P64

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Stelzer D, Graf E, Köster I, Ihle P, Günster C, Dröge P, Klöss A, Mehl C, Farin-Glattacker E, Geraedts M, Schubert M, Siegel A, Vach W.
Assessing the effect of a regional integrated care model over ten years using quality indicators based on claims data – the basic statistical methodology of the INTEGRAL project. BMC Health Services Research 2022; 22: 247

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Schubert I, Siegel A, Graf E, Farin-Glattacker E, Ihle P, Köster I, Stelzer D, Mehl C, Schmitz J, Dröge P, Günster C, Klöss A, Vach W, Geraedts M.
Study protocol for a quasi-experimental claims-based study evaluating 10-years results of the population based integrated health care model »Gesundes Kinzigtal« (Healthy Kinzigtal): the INTEGRAL study. BMJ Open 2019; 9: e025945

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Mehl C, Schmitz J, Ihle P, Köster I, Schubert I, Siegel A, Dröge P, Farin-Glattacker E, Graf E, Stelzer D, Vach W, Geraedts M.
Entwicklung eines Indikatoren-Sets für die Evaluation der Integrierten Versorgung »Gesundes Kinzigtal«. Abstract zum 17. Deutschen Kongress für Versorgungsforschung, Berlin. 2018;

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Schubert I, Geraedts M, Gröne O, Günster C, Hildebrandt H, Siegel A, Vach W.
10-Jahres-Evaluation der populationsbezogenen Integrierten Versorgung Gesundes Kinzigtal – Aufbau- und Konsolidierungsphase (INTEGRAL). Abstract zum 16. Deutschen Kongress für Versorgungsforschung, Berlin. 2017;

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Köster I, Mehl C, Siegel A, Graf E, Stelzer D, Farin-Glattacker E, Geraedts M, Schubert I.
Operationalisierung von Qualitätsindikatoren mittels Routinedaten am Beispiel der Evaluation der "Integrierten Versorgung Gesundes Kinzigtal". Das Gesundheitswesen 2021; 83(S02): S87-S96

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