K-APAT – Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy in the Cologne metropolitan region

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The PMV research group was involved in the K-APAT-Project which was funded by the Innovation Fund of the Federal Joint Committee.

In many infections, antibiotics are injected directly into the bloodstream as an infusion. In Germany, this is usually done in hospital. In the so-called APAT, on the other hand, antibiotics are administered at home by the patient or a caregiver. This allows patients to remain in their familiar surroundings and live their everyday lifes as usual. Despite these and other advantages, APAT is rarely performed in Germany. In this project, the implementation and practicability of APAT will be systematically tested - using the Cologne metropolitan region as an example.

In the first part of the study, patients with an APAT infection will be treated and observed. The data collected will provide information about the success of treatment and the satisfaction of patients and treating physicians. The physicians in private practice played a key role in APAT. Their current attitude towards this form of therapy will therefore be recorded in the second part of the study by means of a comprehensive survey.

In a further work package, the current supply situation and thus the relevance of APAT will be investigated. Data of insured persons from the Cologne metropolitan region will be evaluated and analysed from medical, epidemiological and economic aspects.

Duration: 2019–2021
Project partners: Clinical infectiology, internal medicine (University of Cologne) | IMVR (University of Cologne) | PMV research group (University of Cologne) | IMSB (University of Cologne)
Funding reference number: 01VSF18036
Methods: Statistical Analyses, Regional Analyses
Topics: Supply curves, Pharmacotherapy
Data: Data preparation, Claims data