Medication management for patients with chronic heart failure

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Between 2012 and 2015, the ABDA - Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists - conducted a randomized controlled trial together with the clinic for internal medicine III of the University of Saarland with the aim of investigating whether a continuous interdisciplinary medication management program could improve the adherence of patients to drugs that improve the prognosis (drug adherence) compared to the control group and reduce hospital stays and mortality in patients with chronic heart failure. For the analysis of this PHARM-CHF Study »Pharmacy-based inter­disciplinary Program for Patients with Chronic Heart Failure: A Randomized Controlled Trial«, data from the statutory health insurance (claims data) of the study participants will also be used to obtain complete information on the drugs prescribed and dispensed in pharmacies.

In a first step, PMV research group carried out various procedures for determining adherence on the basis of a data set and compared the respective results.

Furthermore, (care) epidemiological measures were analysed, such as the prevalence of heart failure or the prevalence of treatment of heart failure patients with beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, diuretics, the proportion with hospitalisation, comorbidity and mortality. These analyses were based on the data of BARMER.

Finally, the adherence was determined among the study participants. For this purpose, a health insurance-specific data import with harmonisation of the data formats or the names of the profiles of the participating health insurance companies and data consolidation in a study database must be carried out.

Duration: 2016–2017
Methods: Statistical Analyses
Topics: Pharmacotherapy, Disease incidence
Data: Claims data, Data linkage


Schulz M, Griese-Mammen N, Anker SD, Koehler F, Ihle P, Ruckes C, Schumacher PM, Trenk D, Böhm M, Laufs U, PHARM-CHF investigators.
Pharmacy-based interdisciplinary intervention for patients with chronic heart failure: results of the PHARM-CHF randomized controlled trial. European Journal of Heart Failure 2019; 21: 1012-1021

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