TOP – Transsectoral optimization of patient safety

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Supply curvesPharmacotherapy

The aim of this study is to avoid adverse drug reactions by taking appropriate measures in cross-sectoral treatment. This includes a higher transparency of patient-related care during inpatient admission as well as the special care of polypharmacy risk patients in surgery by hospital pharmacists. In addition, a structured medication review upon discharge from inpatient treatment and a transition management for risk patients is expected to reduce adverse drug reactions and re-hospitalisation.

These interventions will be evaluated in terms of their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness with the participation of the PMV research group.

Duration: 2020–2024
Project partners: BARMER | AOK Nordost | Hospital Saarbrücken | University Hospital Münster | PMV research group, University of Cologne | Bergisches Competence Centre for Health Economics and Health Services Research, University of Wuppertal | Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Bielefeld
Funding reference number: 01NVF19018
Methods: Evaluation
Topics: Supply curves, Pharmacotherapy
Data: Data preparation