VersKiK – Care following childhood or adolescent cancer

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This project aims to analyse which medical services are provided to children or adolescents after cancer in the context of short-term or long-term aftercare and which care actors are involved. Furthermore, the project will investigate the extent to which psychological or physical late sequelae occur after cancer in childhood or adolescence and whether aftercare for selected late sequelae complies with the recommendations of medical guidelines.

Of interest is how aftercare should be designed to meet the needs of patients, relatives and caregivers. To this end, patient-related information from the German Childhood Cancer Registry, the therapy database of studies in paediatric oncology and from the performance data of the statutory health insurance companies will be linked. In addition, the needs of patients, relatives and health care providers are determined in a qualitative analysis. Finally, medical guidelines for the aftercare of this patient group are evaluated, updated and, if necessary, newly developed.

The PMV research group is responsible for linking the data and creating the project database.

Duration: 2020–2024
Project partners: University of Magdeburg | AOK Bundesverband GbR | BARMER | DAK Gesundheit | OFFIS e.V. | University of Bonn | PMV research group (University of Cologne) | University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein | University of Mainz | Techniker Krankenkasse
Methods: Statistical Analyses
Topics: Disease incidence
Data: Data infrastructure, Data linkage, Data preparation, Pseudonymisation, Register data, Claims data